Sean S. LeBlanc

I Make Stuff

Hey there! I'm a UX dev, tools dev, game dev, and general-purpose media person from Ottawa, Canada.

Want to talk to me about stuff and/or things? Feel free to reach out:

Finder's Keplers thumbnail

Finder's Keplers

Draw and guess constellations with friends

cloudfishing thumbnail


reel em in

sketch-to-lineart thumbnail


tool for converting sketches to transparent lineart

power's out thumbnail

power's out


VARIETY MEGAJAM 2020 Retrospective thumbnail

VARIETY MEGAJAM 2020 Retrospective

A look back at 10 games made over 10 days.

Winter's Mane thumbnail

Winter's Mane

a tragedy of grand scale

truck(r)ing REMASTERED thumbnail

truck(r)ing REMASTERED

the truck game you know and love, but better

The Dungeoneer's Cookbook thumbnail

The Dungeoneer's Cookbook

Roasts, Bakes, and More for The Practical Adventurer

SUPERmarket SPY 2D thumbnail

SUPERmarket SPY 2D


Le Prix d'Escalier thumbnail

Le Prix d'Escalier

"The Price of Stairs"

Beaks of Rage thumbnail

Beaks of Rage

An RPG beat-em-up about a regular chicken.

Donut Get Burned!! thumbnail

Donut Get Burned!!

Save a donut from confectionary conundrums.

we should appreciate this little combination thumbnail

we should appreciate this little combination


Collar Me Impressed preview

Collar Me Impressed

Design an elegant cat collar with ease and speed!

truck(r)ing thumbnail


go in a loop and collect loops

T.M.EYE thumbnail



i became a goblin thumbnail

i became a goblin

when i woke up this morning

bred thumbnail



How Do You Reckon? preview

How Do You Reckon?

those who wield the geometry divine know no rest

a chat with charon thumbnail

a chat with charon

and his endless charge

catch and release thumbnail

catch and release

based on a true story

hopefully good reads thumbnail

hopefully good reads


you are a skeleton thumbnail

you are a skeleton

klik click klak

Tales from the Recycle Bin thumbnail

Tales from the Recycle Bin

where ideas go to die

whole thumbnail



silently screaming for six to seven hours thumbnail

silently screaming for six to seven hours




things stay the same even when they change

I Can Fix It! thumbnail

I Can Fix It!

A party game about problems and solutions.

rat bastard thumbnail

rat bastard

better a rat than an aristocrat

rewriting our own memories, bonds, associations thumbnail

rewriting our own memories, bonds, associations

inside out, together

cold soup thumbnail

cold soup


bitsy vocal synth tester thumbnail

bitsy vocal synth tester

tool for interactively testing the dialog audio vocal synth hack

it's a living thumbnail

it's a living

i suppose

taco to go thumbnail

taco to go


houserot thumbnail


i don't leave the house much

flue thumbnail


A simple game of solitaire

🐦 thumbnail


*vague tweeting*

visual echoes thumbnail

visual echoes



Shoulder your burdens.

stoic thumbnail


bitsy merge thumbnail

bitsy merge

merge tool for bitsy gamedata

Masks for Sale thumbnail

Masks for Sale

I'm late for the masquerade!

Interview thumbnail


They're waiting for you.

ds_15 - fragment thumbnail

ds_15 - fragment

creepy crawlies that never saw the light of day

I'm a cat thumbnail

I'm a cat

so wait you're telling me you're a cat?

Fortune's Fervour thumbnail

Fortune's Fervour

What does your future hold?

WHY DO BEES thumbnail



bitsy optimizer thumbnail

bitsy optimizer

optimizer for bitsy gamedata

ache thumbnail



TINAR-L thumbnail


This is not a rogue-like.

a snail's journey thumbnail

a snail's journey

blue as the sky thumbnail

blue as the sky


Salvage Duty thumbnail

Salvage Duty

ruins / memories

Homeward Bound thumbnail

Homeward Bound

You wake up in an endless ocean...

Goodbye BURGER CITY thumbnail


city of burgers

bitsy hacks preview

bitsy hacks

a collection of re-usable scripts for bitsy game maker

judgement thumbnail


let's play tarot

a holiday yarn thumbnail

a holiday yarn

more of a cross-stitch, really

Super Snow Shoveler thumbnail

Super Snow Shoveler

~a winter classic~

people like when you get meta thumbnail

people like when you get meta


ghosts aren't real thumbnail

ghosts aren't real

daily thumbnail


every day

ain't no bones about it thumbnail

ain't no bones about it


Wolfman's Cottage Weekend thumbnail

Wolfman's Cottage Weekend

everyone needs a vacation now and then

on the hunt thumbnail

on the hunt

exploring a pastel universe the best way possible

lunar cultivation thumbnail

lunar cultivation

oh i think i remember that game

boxboxhtml thumbnail


a basic WYSIWYG editor for html/css layouts

a retrospective thumbnail

a retrospective

there have been 16 bitsy jams

Fontsy thumbnail


Bitsy Font Tool

🔦 thumbnail


A raytraced lighting tech demo

Pretty Print thumbnail

Pretty Print

The Lady's Book of Decency thumbnail

The Lady's Book of Decency

A Practical Treatise on Manners, Feeding, and Etiquette

PCM tool thumbnail

PCM tool

Helper for generating generative PCM snippets

PICO-8 fillp tool thumbnail

PICO-8 fillp tool

Helper for creating PICO-8 fillp patterns

There once thumbnail

There once

A branching limerick

i've never seen the ocean thumbnail

i've never seen the ocean

A thought

a night (was had) on the town thumbnail

a night (was had) on the town

now i'm home

here are my cats thumbnail

here are my cats

MATCH3+CONNECT4 thumbnail


harder than it sounds

This is not a Bitsy game thumbnail

This is not a Bitsy game

Archeology 101 thumbnail

Archeology 101

I'm late for my archeology final!

JOBHUNT thumbnail


hunt for job

Definitely a Real MMO thumbnail

Definitely a Real MMO

it's "fun"!

bitsnake thumbnail


what if bitsy but also snake??

This seems bad. thumbnail

This seems bad.

T-minus 1 minute to landing.

Tea for Two thumbnail

Tea for Two

Two for Tea

Objective: cross the room. thumbnail

Objective: cross the room.

Bitsy games can be reset with "Ctrl+r"

aubergine thumbnail


i had that dream again



the only slightly fictionalized ramblings of a game dev chat log

midnight thumbnail


i'm sure the wait will pay off eventually

Tuned in... to Love thumbnail

Tuned in... to Love

Ham it up on the airwaves and chew the rag with a variety of eligible amateur enthusiasts in this automotive dating sim.

÷ thumbnail


Tweetcarts - 2017 thumbnail

Tweetcarts - 2017

PICO-8 in 140 (and then later 280) characters or less

the little field in the park between home and the bus stop thumbnail

the little field in the park between home and the bus stop

you are the coin master preview

you are the coin master

the more you have, the worse it is

The Baseball Kid: New Beginnings thumbnail

The Baseball Kid: New Beginnings

A Select-Your-Own-Plot adventure.

a day on the town thumbnail

a day on the town

it's gonna be a good day!

BONZEN thumbnail


Shape a sense of zen.

Song of the Space Wyrm thumbnail

Song of the Space Wyrm

singing in space

castles thumbnail



(Unity) Better Minimal WebGL Template thumbnail

(Unity) Better Minimal WebGL Template

The package is quite simple.™

running late thumbnail

running late

I'm running late!

Rōshigumi thumbnail


A traitor threatens the Shogun in this tense shoot-em-up.

|| I-,`'-' \=I 'I '--I -' | thumbnail

|| I-,`'-' \=I 'I '--I -' |

They've got a secret!

SEPULCHRE thumbnail


It was alive once.

-A MOTH STORY- thumbnail


well, it's more moth-adjacent

I wonder... thumbnail

I wonder...

I wonder when the next bus comes by...

Planet Upcycle thumbnail

Planet Upcycle

What's done cannot be undone

walk the dog thumbnail

walk the dog

get those walkies

A Visitor on Venus thumbnail

A Visitor on Venus

A low-rez FMV visual novel about a vacation gone wrong.

rain thumbnail


looks a bit damp out today

Plug Your EP thumbnail

Plug Your EP

audio not meant for aural consumption

let's get breakfast thumbnail

let's get breakfast

you pick the place

AS Mall World thumbnail

AS Mall World

Ancient Secrets: Mall World

you can do this thumbnail

you can do this


sarah goes to her friend's house thumbnail

sarah goes to her friend's house

and meets some people along the way

Duck Duck Plays the Blues preview

Duck Duck Plays the Blues

Play the blues like a duck!

holt thumbnail


a bitsy utopia adventure

it was a weird year thumbnail

it was a weird year

a thing that happened in 2016

BEAN thumbnail


It's a regular old swimming race -- but if you finish with the bean, you lose!

Cover Your EP thumbnail

Cover Your EP

audio not meant for listening

Tweetcarts - 2016 thumbnail

Tweetcarts - 2016

PICO-8 in 140 characters or less

gui-butler thumbnail


an butler wrapper for lazybones like me

Bouncing Balls with the Boing Boing Boys thumbnail

Bouncing Balls with the Boing Boing Boys

Bouncy Battles for 2-4 Buddies

STAIRS thumbnail



NaBoMaMo2016 thumbnail


Some bots I made.

commute thumbnail


try to get some rest | don't miss your stop

server.hack() thumbnail


a single-page cyberpunk board game for 2-4 players

Tackle Tourney TURBO thumbnail

Tackle Tourney TURBO

Fishing Free-For-All For 2-4 Players

listen to my game idea thumbnail

listen to my game idea

it's gonna be great

push the button to win! thumbnail

push the button to win!

it's easy

Rumble Road thumbnail

Rumble Road

Turn-based GameBoy Combat

Duck Duck on the Loose thumbnail

Duck Duck on the Loose

Look, walk, and talk like a duck!

STARSHIP thumbnail


A game about picking up stars with a spaceship!

In Transit thumbnail

In Transit

Relax and watch a probe search for life.

DYSCOVR thumbnail


the open source platform for intergalactic archaeology

One Button Duel thumbnail

One Button Duel

A one button dueling game.

STRUNG OUT in heaven's high thumbnail

STRUNG OUT in heaven's high

hitting an all-time low

P8T thumbnail


A PICO-8 Twitter Client

PICO-8 Styler thumbnail

PICO-8 Styler

Pretty PICO-8 Pages!

#MURDERJAM2016 thumbnail


A game jam gone wrong, and it's up to your selective hearing to solve the mystery!

atopy thumbnail


try to fight it

Soda-Pop Sailin' thumbnail

Soda-Pop Sailin'

Save your crew from the carbonated seas!

JS Sprite Packer thumbnail

JS Sprite Packer

A quick-and-dirty sprite packer made entirely with client-side JavaScript.

Star Picker-Upper thumbnail

Star Picker-Upper

A game about picking up stars!

Deluge Suites thumbnail

Deluge Suites

Can you keep your hotel afloat?

Purity thumbnail


Protect your fragile heart from the infectious impurities!

Drive Forever thumbnail

Drive Forever

You're going to have to keep this up forever.

★ Creamie Buddies ★ thumbnail

★ Creamie Buddies ★

Scoop Me Up!

Good Duel Game thumbnail

Good Duel Game

A good duel game

Stone Cold Sexy thumbnail

Stone Cold Sexy

pose 4 peeps

SODZEN thumbnail


A little pot of paradise.

CODENAME: PAWN thumbnail


You have to kill the sleeper agents.

Party, Darling? preview

Party, Darling?

A weird & abrasive sci-fi mystery adventure game from the SweetHeart Squad.

Rip It! Grip It! Sip It! thumbnail

Rip It! Grip It! Sip It!

The exorcising adventures of Father Skyler, punk priest extraordinaire.

Super Spaceship 64 thumbnail

Super Spaceship 64

inspired by Starfox and Superman 64

Llammigration (demo) thumbnail

Llammigration (demo)

Learning With Llama

Go On thumbnail

Go On

A two-button game about growing up.

Taxi Quest 64 thumbnail

Taxi Quest 64

A short experiment for Ludum Dare 34.

SweetBeats thumbnail


A simple procedural beat generator.

StarBunny thumbnail


A WebGL audiovisual experience.

Dad, Don't Open Spyware!!! thumbnail

Dad, Don't Open Spyware!!!

Lo-fi cyberspace meets horde-mode action for a lesson in parenting.

Hare's Hollow thumbnail

Hare's Hollow

A visual novel about funny animals, and the nature of Nature.

S-Tengine 2 thumbnail

S-Tengine 2

The best game engine ever made by people who don't know how to make game engines.

3dSplineConnections thumbnail


Hair modelling research.

SPH thumbnail


Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics research